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Generac Mobile MT2 4x185W LEDLight towers20183,220 EUR
Generac Mobile LB9Light towers2019, 44 h9,400 EUR
Generac Mobile Link TowerLight towers20172,717 EUR
Generac CUBE+ HYBRIDLight towers2018, 4 h12,685 EUR
Generac Mobile VB9Light towers2015POA
Generac Mobile VT1Light towers2015POA
Pramac GRW35YDiesel Generators201815,426 EUR
Pramac GSW410DODiesel Generators201835,623 EUR
Pramac GRW 67 PDiesel Generators2020, 4 h22,102 EUR
Pramac GBW 22 PDiesel Generators2020, 4 h6,724 EUR
Pramac PMD5000sDiesel Generators2018750 EUR
Generac Mobile Dust Fighter DF 20000Misting systems2018, 100 h14,300 EUR
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